Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lecithin and Evening Primrose Oil

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!!

OMG I cant believe i miss one whole month of February for my blog!! it's been crazy around here..studies are not being so nice to me lately....Allah, degree level studies are not as simple though sometimes i think it can be kind of relax...but not for long...anyway, regarding the topic of this post...I've been thinking of taking these two supplements (Lecithin and EPO) in my diet and I am also planning to change my eating style..I've been doing some research of these two supplement and i think they're really good to be included in my diet..in fact, ladies and gentlemen I think anybody should take these two supplement in your diet..here's what I found out why they're really really I mean REALLY good for our body and health...

The EPO:

 Herbalists claim that evening primrose oil may be useful for people with heart disease. It may also help to regulate blood sugar, provide mood balance, and some use evening primrose as an oral or topical treatment for eczema. Evening primrose oil has been suggested as a possible preventative treatment for breast cancer, an anti-inflammatory, a treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS), and potentially helpful in promoting weight loss.
and another qoute saying about the goodness of EPO

 EPO is also prescribed as an effective treatment for PMS
So, ladies! what do you think?isn't that good for us? despite all of these benefits, EPO is also well known as the skin beautifier agent! it moisturizes the skin so the wrinkle not gonna show up on time! haha is that even a right thing to say? I love the fact that it potentially helpful in promoting weight loss..and speaking of weight loss..the other supplement which I mentioned earlier, Lecithin is another agent that helps people to lose weight..but not that it can really give you the ultimate result as you see Lecithin is actually an agent that helps to solvent the fat that accumulated in the arteries... basically, the Lecithin is really good. Lecithin is naturally contains in soya beans, yeast, peanuts, fish and the yolks of eggs. it is added as an emulsifying agent to foods such as chocolate and margarine. though its in some food that we consume everyday, but still, do we really eat these food everyday and do we have enough Lecithin in our body?if we take the Lecithin supplement, it will help us to get the enough amount of Lecithin.another great benefits of Lecithin are it decreases the chances for you to develop cardiovascular disease, helps to reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer so its good for your brain!! isn't that a great news for students?

So, are you thinking of taking these supplements into your diet?Me think so :) so I'll take these supplements and see if it really helps me with the brain and skin..if it really works for weight loss...I'll say why not?! :) sayonara for now!

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^