Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Mid-term Holiday!!

Salam and Hello!!

So today's the last class for half term of my studies in Puncak Alam...classes went really well..we finally attended our first English class which has been going crazy since the last 3 weeks..there are many things to do this one week of them will be my driving test (-_-) Actually, I'm not so keen on this get-the-license thing..but whatever I feel about it will not be counted as my parents told me this is not a 'want'..this license is a 'need' parents have plan to provide me a car while studying in Puncak Alam..but still its not necessary to have one now as I'm staying in the college and we're not allowed to bring a the main focus now is to get the license and then I can decide whether I want the car or not..God, I feel so nervous...even the driving instructor are so UNfriendly..that just drain my feelings about the driving class...Beeha..its for your own I'll be dad's next driver as soon as I get the license...please, let everything go OK.Ameen..I'll be taking a bus back to my wonderful family and my big bed!!it's gonna be a long journey baby! Meanwhile, this is some of the pictures i took since I started my life in the new campus :)

My Friends during the student's registration day

Yes, they're all nice and cute, I know :D

Took this picture during the briefing session(s) (it took one whole day, I tell you)

one more..say CHEESE girls :)

The bulletin board picture is actually the board i use in my dorm room..i took the picture of the board, 
done some editing (paste pictures of many things there:D) and thought its just cute like this! 

I think what I want to do right now is to just loving the current life I'm living in :) they say it might be difficult (being a student) sometimes, but its for the future and I do want to achieve something in my life just be proud of myself!! :)

OK, I hope everyone will enjoy their holiday next week..Sayonara for now!!

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^ 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Puncak Alam: My New Life (and HARDCORE campus!)

Salam and Hello again!!

So this is a few pictures of my new campus life, the UiTM Puncak Alam campus..its one very beautiful and crazy campus all at the you dont believe me? check these out!!

The tallest building of all faculties and on the right side is our much loved faculty..the Faculty of Office Management..the reason why we love our faculty building so much is because we love the fact that when we come here after 8a.m. the lifts will be crowded with people and when we start giving up hope of waiting for the lift to come down and pick us up, we'll take the stairs and its such a 'great' morning exercise! i think i might shed few pounds (yes, please!) and my legs will start developing some muscle (YES!) :D and this one picture will just agree with what i said here..legs muscles will be the first to be visible! check this out!
this is the stairway to heaven!! hahaha in campus our room is like 'heaven' cause we love to sleep after a long day at faculty!! so before we get to the heaven, we need to take the hardship..which is to climb this hardcore and mean stairs!!  Well, in conclusion..we do have a LOT of stairs in Puncak Alam campus!!

Haha now you see my whining act! well, more pictures to share with you soon!! OH! i have one quiz and presentation tomorrow and i should study now!!! Nite nite y'all!!

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OMG! She's a Newbie!!!

Assalamualaikum and Hello Everybody!

Yes I am a newbie in this Giant blog community..  Actually this idea (making my own blog) just popped up in my mind as seeing myself as a girl with lots of thought (i guess) and I somehow want to just have a place to talk just about anything..Pardon me in advance for I am aware that my English might not be perfect yet and have some errors here and there but I am still learning and wanting to improve my English each and everyday.  But I'll use Malay (my mother tongue) too so i can spice things up just a little ;)

To begin, my name is Aneese Sabeeha.  I am known by the name of Aneese.  Its strange but true, some of my friends said that this name is supposed to be guy's name.  But, well, I know my parents must have reason to put my name as it is.  My second nick name is Beeha.  This name is called at home and by all family including cousins, aunts, uncles, grannies and also some of friends who tend to get confused if we have more than one with Aneese name in class.  I just started my degree studies...this week is the 4th week of the first semester in new campus (and Im Lovin' it!) So personally, if you must know...I am a person with lots of things to talk about and sometimes I can be too crazy and happy..well people might not noticed that cause I might look serious but that's why people always told us to not to be so quick to judge others yea?

I have a lot of interests which I will reveal in my future posts cause that's how I will tell you..  If I tell you now then you'd know me now and wouldn't want to read my blog no more LOL but anyway my obvious interest would be talk and talk just about anything and my favorite thing to do is to laugh...  I talk a lot about happy and funny things then that'd make me laugh...Laugh Out Loud, Laugh My Arse Off, Rolling On the Floor Laughing and many kind of actions when i laugh :D thanks my friends for making all those actions happen!!

Anyway, I will sign off for now as I think I need to update my brain with lots of thing so then i could spill them all out in here...Sayonara for now :)

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^