Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frozen Yogurt

My bf and I at Snogurt Kota Damansara :)

Salam lovelies!!

Wow I can't recall when was the last time that I logged in to my blog...I'm a bad blogger lol.  Well, if i give you the reason for not posting anything for so long, its gonna be the same thing...  you won't believe me lol.

Anyway see this picture above?that's my current obsession :P (thanks to my beloved BF).  this picture was taken during my date with my BF few weeks ago.  He was such a gentleman n very sweet for treating me n pampering me that day...How I love him soo much!!!  The yogurt mix that I had that day was a mix of Chocolate, Lychee, Berry,Japanese Melon and Mango!! Masha Allah I tell you..this was the best day of my life for having this big cup full of Froyo flavors!!!

Since I have a topic for my blog post today, I'm going to give you my opinions on good things about having frozen yogurt (people call it Froyo) as your snack.  The thing that really good about froyo is you won't say its too much for you even if you have the whole big cup for yourself!! Yes, froyo gives you that feeling...  I can't say no to another round of froyo if my baby offered me more after that full cup of froyo lol :D  Another good thing about froyo is that (at least I think so) froyo is obviously good for your tummy (because its actually a yogurt and it's proven by my own experience) and it won't make me feel so guilty hahahaha..well if you had a tub of ice-cream, I'm sure you'll feel bad after u finish the whole tub right?but not froyo huhuhu..  As the matter of fact, I had nature call (if you know what I mean lol) about an hour after i had the froyo (see, I told you right?).  That's a good sign of a healthy tummy right?  Froyo is definitely my ultimate choice of snack!!  I suggest you guys to try it yourself too!!!

thanks for reading me post :)


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