Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kicking Old Habits

Hello Darlings

Today I am going to be talking about kicking old habits.  I think we all have habits that we used to develop since we were little.  Habits such as sleeping with our baby blankets, our baby pillow, teddy bear or plush toys etc.  When I was a little I had this special baby pillow and I loved to tickle my palms with the edges of the pillow cause I had hard time to fall asleep so I found out that tickling my palms with those pillow edges had helped me to sleep.  As I grew up, suddenly the habit just stopped and I had no idea how did I kick that habit. I just didn't do it anymore...Do you have any habit that you don't even know how did you stop it?  I guess it is because we have found new interest and might be a new habit.  Is there even a person who live in this world who doesn't even have a habit?  I just wonder.  

Here is what I found out when I watched TV yesterday its a show about strange addictions and there was this one guy who bonded with animal 
-shaped floats.  He has so many of them and he told in the show that he received no attention from his mother when we was a kid so he turned to this stuff for social interactions and affections...I feel so sad knowing about this guy's story.  I think there's a lesson from his story.  When we become parents someday, please know that one of our responsible is to give attention to our kids.  They look up to us so much as a role models and as people who will listen to them when they tell things.  I know we might be busy with work etc. but if we think we don't have time for the children, I think it is best to think twice before we even decide to have children or not..

Oh sorry!

Back to our topic, kicking old habits.  I think we need to kick some our of habits if they sort of interfere us from getting things that we want to advance in life..  I mean if the habits are bad for us and our progresses in life, I think its best to kick them out of our lives!  and who knows we might find something that will be a lot more beneficial for us instead :)  here's what I find helpful to at least start kicking the habits.

I think these step-by-step tips is helpful to kick most of habits that we have..I think you guys can somehow relate to your habits and how to stop them.  so here it is the link and another link

So that's all from me at the moment...until then!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frozen Yogurt

My bf and I at Snogurt Kota Damansara :)

Salam lovelies!!

Wow I can't recall when was the last time that I logged in to my blog...I'm a bad blogger lol.  Well, if i give you the reason for not posting anything for so long, its gonna be the same thing...  you won't believe me lol.

Anyway see this picture above?that's my current obsession :P (thanks to my beloved BF).  this picture was taken during my date with my BF few weeks ago.  He was such a gentleman n very sweet for treating me n pampering me that day...How I love him soo much!!!  The yogurt mix that I had that day was a mix of Chocolate, Lychee, Berry,Japanese Melon and Mango!! Masha Allah I tell you..this was the best day of my life for having this big cup full of Froyo flavors!!!

Since I have a topic for my blog post today, I'm going to give you my opinions on good things about having frozen yogurt (people call it Froyo) as your snack.  The thing that really good about froyo is you won't say its too much for you even if you have the whole big cup for yourself!! Yes, froyo gives you that feeling...  I can't say no to another round of froyo if my baby offered me more after that full cup of froyo lol :D  Another good thing about froyo is that (at least I think so) froyo is obviously good for your tummy (because its actually a yogurt and it's proven by my own experience) and it won't make me feel so guilty hahahaha..well if you had a tub of ice-cream, I'm sure you'll feel bad after u finish the whole tub right?but not froyo huhuhu..  As the matter of fact, I had nature call (if you know what I mean lol) about an hour after i had the froyo (see, I told you right?).  That's a good sign of a healthy tummy right?  Froyo is definitely my ultimate choice of snack!!  I suggest you guys to try it yourself too!!!

thanks for reading me post :)


Cosmic Gal signed off

Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 4 Filled with MADNESS!!

That's me with Blood Donation Poster with Aizat Amdan, people!! ^^
Salam and Hello again everyone!!

Pheeewww after a long week I finally can say that I've wrapped up my 4th week for this semester..can't believe time really flies and waits for no how is everyone this week?I hope you guys are doing ay-okay ^^ Well, this week has made me felt more like a student again...I had some assignments completed as well as sat for some first much like a student right? fuhh..But anyway, I noticed that a lot of events happening in the campus as well...For this week alone, which are still running...there are Dental Care Week, Blood Donation Week, PC Carnival, Book Fair, Clothes Bazaar all in one roof! Madness right? And of course, I can't check out all of the events because of

A) I am not a campus resident 
B) My schedule is so PACKED with classes 
C) Outside world is so much better 

hehehe =P 

Well not to mentioned some other things that have been happening in my life...some just involved time and skills but the hardest one is...something that involves my feelings and emotions...but why the hell should i talk about it here?! Hmmm let's just keep those to myself..

Anyway, today's Friday people!! T.G.I.F *do it all again ^^*  I hope you guys are planning something awesome for yourselves for the weekends...we always love weekends aren't we?huhuhu Enjoy your time now and thanks for checking out my blog again..means the world to me ^^


Cosmic Gal signed off ^^

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New semester, with new updates ^_^

Salam and Hello everyone!!

Well, honestly I don't blog that much am I? no excuse here..let's just be honest...I'm lazy hehehe but yes new update..after 4 months of sitting around, pumping up my bod...get my driving license...and being a good daughter...I finally come back to Puncak Alam to start my new semester...last semester was one hell of a was the first semester as a degree level student..and of course..I was sort of lost and found..oh well..

So, this semester..being a sophomore student *I I love the sound of it*means there'll be no priority for me to get a place in the campus's I decided to rent a house..with my other four classmates..I got a very nice partially-furnished apartment..its not too big..not too small..I guess it fits us five just nice ^^ and for the first I've mentioned earlier...I got my driving license and that just make me a legal driver on the my Mom decided to allow me to use her much loved Green Turtle!! (I mean her car =P) Its her modified, dark green Perodua Kembara...Its a nice car..with an attitude (cause of its roaring engine and gigantic exhaust) huhuhu...I wasn't so happy with how the engine sounds honestly...but the car's friend told me its good  car engine and can fit me and my friends so we could go to class happily and easily huhu..Thanks Mama I love you and so grateful Alhamdulillah ^_^ !!!

The house I rent really comfortable....3 bedrooms all together...the master bedroom is occupied by my two beautiful friends...second room is me and another friend of mine and the third room is a very small room which only one friend of mine occupied the room...I'm so happy with the house..all of the stuff in the house are brand new! although we're not provided with dining set and living sofa set..but what the hell right?we also bring in wireless into the house..well not just for entertainment purpose..honestly its also for studies purpose..the lecturers are all making good use of all the notes, assignments even announcements are posted on what we call yes internet is so important to us!

Campus wise...well since our faculty has merged with Business Management faculty...we're no longer use the name of our faculty which was Faculty of Office Management and Technology...we're now a family of Business Management and we use this new faculty name which is Faculty of Management Sciences..I'm not sure of what should I feel about that...the campus has become soooo packed with students transfered from some branch campuses as well as from the main yea..since we're not living inside the campus..we need to go to campus earlier so we can get the nice parking spot as well as avoiding ourselves from fighting for our turn to use the lift =_= so much stress but I hope I can carry all of these madness until the end of semester...but luckily for me..the classmates are still the same and we're bonding well now..I'm so pleased about that :)

Okay, seriously I've got a new post coming up..but first..I need to get back on my core study mode cause I got this killer quiz tomorrow..wish me luck guys!!!


Cosmic gal signed off ^^

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog is Under Construction

Salaam and Hi everyone..

I apologize for leaving my blog hanging without any new posts..seem like i need to stretch few things first before i can update my blog...good things will come InshaAllah and i hope everyone is doing great...keep smiling as a smile is a charity :) will update my blog when its time...its hard to keep me on computer lately as i am currently busy with exams...wish me for the best!

Jazakallah Khair

في امان الله

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lecithin and Evening Primrose Oil

Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone!!

OMG I cant believe i miss one whole month of February for my blog!! it's been crazy around here..studies are not being so nice to me lately....Allah, degree level studies are not as simple though sometimes i think it can be kind of relax...but not for long...anyway, regarding the topic of this post...I've been thinking of taking these two supplements (Lecithin and EPO) in my diet and I am also planning to change my eating style..I've been doing some research of these two supplement and i think they're really good to be included in my fact, ladies and gentlemen I think anybody should take these two supplement in your's what I found out why they're really really I mean REALLY good for our body and health...

The EPO:

 Herbalists claim that evening primrose oil may be useful for people with heart disease. It may also help to regulate blood sugar, provide mood balance, and some use evening primrose as an oral or topical treatment for eczema. Evening primrose oil has been suggested as a possible preventative treatment for breast cancer, an anti-inflammatory, a treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS), and potentially helpful in promoting weight loss.
and another qoute saying about the goodness of EPO

 EPO is also prescribed as an effective treatment for PMS
So, ladies! what do you think?isn't that good for us? despite all of these benefits, EPO is also well known as the skin beautifier agent! it moisturizes the skin so the wrinkle not gonna show up on time! haha is that even a right thing to say? I love the fact that it potentially helpful in promoting weight loss..and speaking of weight loss..the other supplement which I mentioned earlier, Lecithin is another agent that helps people to lose weight..but not that it can really give you the ultimate result as you see Lecithin is actually an agent that helps to solvent the fat that accumulated in the arteries... basically, the Lecithin is really good. Lecithin is naturally contains in soya beans, yeast, peanuts, fish and the yolks of eggs. it is added as an emulsifying agent to foods such as chocolate and margarine. though its in some food that we consume everyday, but still, do we really eat these food everyday and do we have enough Lecithin in our body?if we take the Lecithin supplement, it will help us to get the enough amount of Lecithin.another great benefits of Lecithin are it decreases the chances for you to develop cardiovascular disease, helps to reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer so its good for your brain!! isn't that a great news for students?

So, are you thinking of taking these supplements into your diet?Me think so :) so I'll take these supplements and see if it really helps me with the brain and skin..if it really works for weight loss...I'll say why not?! :) sayonara for now!

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Mid-term Holiday!!

Salam and Hello!!

So today's the last class for half term of my studies in Puncak Alam...classes went really well..we finally attended our first English class which has been going crazy since the last 3 weeks..there are many things to do this one week of them will be my driving test (-_-) Actually, I'm not so keen on this get-the-license thing..but whatever I feel about it will not be counted as my parents told me this is not a 'want'..this license is a 'need' parents have plan to provide me a car while studying in Puncak Alam..but still its not necessary to have one now as I'm staying in the college and we're not allowed to bring a the main focus now is to get the license and then I can decide whether I want the car or not..God, I feel so nervous...even the driving instructor are so UNfriendly..that just drain my feelings about the driving class...Beeha..its for your own I'll be dad's next driver as soon as I get the license...please, let everything go OK.Ameen..I'll be taking a bus back to my wonderful family and my big bed!!it's gonna be a long journey baby! Meanwhile, this is some of the pictures i took since I started my life in the new campus :)

My Friends during the student's registration day

Yes, they're all nice and cute, I know :D

Took this picture during the briefing session(s) (it took one whole day, I tell you)

one more..say CHEESE girls :)

The bulletin board picture is actually the board i use in my dorm room..i took the picture of the board, 
done some editing (paste pictures of many things there:D) and thought its just cute like this! 

I think what I want to do right now is to just loving the current life I'm living in :) they say it might be difficult (being a student) sometimes, but its for the future and I do want to achieve something in my life just be proud of myself!! :)

OK, I hope everyone will enjoy their holiday next week..Sayonara for now!!

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^