Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 4 Filled with MADNESS!!

That's me with Blood Donation Poster with Aizat Amdan, people!! ^^
Salam and Hello again everyone!!

Pheeewww after a long week I finally can say that I've wrapped up my 4th week for this semester..can't believe time really flies and waits for no how is everyone this week?I hope you guys are doing ay-okay ^^ Well, this week has made me felt more like a student again...I had some assignments completed as well as sat for some first much like a student right? fuhh..But anyway, I noticed that a lot of events happening in the campus as well...For this week alone, which are still running...there are Dental Care Week, Blood Donation Week, PC Carnival, Book Fair, Clothes Bazaar all in one roof! Madness right? And of course, I can't check out all of the events because of

A) I am not a campus resident 
B) My schedule is so PACKED with classes 
C) Outside world is so much better 

hehehe =P 

Well not to mentioned some other things that have been happening in my life...some just involved time and skills but the hardest one is...something that involves my feelings and emotions...but why the hell should i talk about it here?! Hmmm let's just keep those to myself..

Anyway, today's Friday people!! T.G.I.F *do it all again ^^*  I hope you guys are planning something awesome for yourselves for the weekends...we always love weekends aren't we?huhuhu Enjoy your time now and thanks for checking out my blog again..means the world to me ^^


Cosmic Gal signed off ^^

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