Thursday, October 6, 2011

New semester, with new updates ^_^

Salam and Hello everyone!!

Well, honestly I don't blog that much am I? no excuse here..let's just be honest...I'm lazy hehehe but yes new update..after 4 months of sitting around, pumping up my bod...get my driving license...and being a good daughter...I finally come back to Puncak Alam to start my new semester...last semester was one hell of a was the first semester as a degree level student..and of course..I was sort of lost and found..oh well..

So, this semester..being a sophomore student *I I love the sound of it*means there'll be no priority for me to get a place in the campus's I decided to rent a house..with my other four classmates..I got a very nice partially-furnished apartment..its not too big..not too small..I guess it fits us five just nice ^^ and for the first I've mentioned earlier...I got my driving license and that just make me a legal driver on the my Mom decided to allow me to use her much loved Green Turtle!! (I mean her car =P) Its her modified, dark green Perodua Kembara...Its a nice car..with an attitude (cause of its roaring engine and gigantic exhaust) huhuhu...I wasn't so happy with how the engine sounds honestly...but the car's friend told me its good  car engine and can fit me and my friends so we could go to class happily and easily huhu..Thanks Mama I love you and so grateful Alhamdulillah ^_^ !!!

The house I rent really comfortable....3 bedrooms all together...the master bedroom is occupied by my two beautiful friends...second room is me and another friend of mine and the third room is a very small room which only one friend of mine occupied the room...I'm so happy with the house..all of the stuff in the house are brand new! although we're not provided with dining set and living sofa set..but what the hell right?we also bring in wireless into the house..well not just for entertainment purpose..honestly its also for studies purpose..the lecturers are all making good use of all the notes, assignments even announcements are posted on what we call yes internet is so important to us!

Campus wise...well since our faculty has merged with Business Management faculty...we're no longer use the name of our faculty which was Faculty of Office Management and Technology...we're now a family of Business Management and we use this new faculty name which is Faculty of Management Sciences..I'm not sure of what should I feel about that...the campus has become soooo packed with students transfered from some branch campuses as well as from the main yea..since we're not living inside the campus..we need to go to campus earlier so we can get the nice parking spot as well as avoiding ourselves from fighting for our turn to use the lift =_= so much stress but I hope I can carry all of these madness until the end of semester...but luckily for me..the classmates are still the same and we're bonding well now..I'm so pleased about that :)

Okay, seriously I've got a new post coming up..but first..I need to get back on my core study mode cause I got this killer quiz tomorrow..wish me luck guys!!!


Cosmic gal signed off ^^

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