Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kicking Old Habits

Hello Darlings

Today I am going to be talking about kicking old habits.  I think we all have habits that we used to develop since we were little.  Habits such as sleeping with our baby blankets, our baby pillow, teddy bear or plush toys etc.  When I was a little I had this special baby pillow and I loved to tickle my palms with the edges of the pillow cause I had hard time to fall asleep so I found out that tickling my palms with those pillow edges had helped me to sleep.  As I grew up, suddenly the habit just stopped and I had no idea how did I kick that habit. I just didn't do it anymore...Do you have any habit that you don't even know how did you stop it?  I guess it is because we have found new interest and might be a new habit.  Is there even a person who live in this world who doesn't even have a habit?  I just wonder.  

Here is what I found out when I watched TV yesterday its a show about strange addictions and there was this one guy who bonded with animal 
-shaped floats.  He has so many of them and he told in the show that he received no attention from his mother when we was a kid so he turned to this stuff for social interactions and affections...I feel so sad knowing about this guy's story.  I think there's a lesson from his story.  When we become parents someday, please know that one of our responsible is to give attention to our kids.  They look up to us so much as a role models and as people who will listen to them when they tell things.  I know we might be busy with work etc. but if we think we don't have time for the children, I think it is best to think twice before we even decide to have children or not..

Oh sorry!

Back to our topic, kicking old habits.  I think we need to kick some our of habits if they sort of interfere us from getting things that we want to advance in life..  I mean if the habits are bad for us and our progresses in life, I think its best to kick them out of our lives!  and who knows we might find something that will be a lot more beneficial for us instead :)  here's what I find helpful to at least start kicking the habits.

I think these step-by-step tips is helpful to kick most of habits that we have..I think you guys can somehow relate to your habits and how to stop them.  so here it is the link and another link

So that's all from me at the moment...until then!