Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Mid-term Holiday!!

Salam and Hello!!

So today's the last class for half term of my studies in Puncak Alam...classes went really well..we finally attended our first English class which has been going crazy since the last 3 weeks..there are many things to do this one week of them will be my driving test (-_-) Actually, I'm not so keen on this get-the-license thing..but whatever I feel about it will not be counted as my parents told me this is not a 'want'..this license is a 'need' parents have plan to provide me a car while studying in Puncak Alam..but still its not necessary to have one now as I'm staying in the college and we're not allowed to bring a the main focus now is to get the license and then I can decide whether I want the car or not..God, I feel so nervous...even the driving instructor are so UNfriendly..that just drain my feelings about the driving class...Beeha..its for your own I'll be dad's next driver as soon as I get the license...please, let everything go OK.Ameen..I'll be taking a bus back to my wonderful family and my big bed!!it's gonna be a long journey baby! Meanwhile, this is some of the pictures i took since I started my life in the new campus :)

My Friends during the student's registration day

Yes, they're all nice and cute, I know :D

Took this picture during the briefing session(s) (it took one whole day, I tell you)

one more..say CHEESE girls :)

The bulletin board picture is actually the board i use in my dorm room..i took the picture of the board, 
done some editing (paste pictures of many things there:D) and thought its just cute like this! 

I think what I want to do right now is to just loving the current life I'm living in :) they say it might be difficult (being a student) sometimes, but its for the future and I do want to achieve something in my life just be proud of myself!! :)

OK, I hope everyone will enjoy their holiday next week..Sayonara for now!!

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^ 

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