Thursday, January 27, 2011

Puncak Alam: My New Life (and HARDCORE campus!)

Salam and Hello again!!

So this is a few pictures of my new campus life, the UiTM Puncak Alam campus..its one very beautiful and crazy campus all at the you dont believe me? check these out!!

The tallest building of all faculties and on the right side is our much loved faculty..the Faculty of Office Management..the reason why we love our faculty building so much is because we love the fact that when we come here after 8a.m. the lifts will be crowded with people and when we start giving up hope of waiting for the lift to come down and pick us up, we'll take the stairs and its such a 'great' morning exercise! i think i might shed few pounds (yes, please!) and my legs will start developing some muscle (YES!) :D and this one picture will just agree with what i said here..legs muscles will be the first to be visible! check this out!
this is the stairway to heaven!! hahaha in campus our room is like 'heaven' cause we love to sleep after a long day at faculty!! so before we get to the heaven, we need to take the hardship..which is to climb this hardcore and mean stairs!!  Well, in conclusion..we do have a LOT of stairs in Puncak Alam campus!!

Haha now you see my whining act! well, more pictures to share with you soon!! OH! i have one quiz and presentation tomorrow and i should study now!!! Nite nite y'all!!

Cosmic Gal signed off ^^

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  1. Nice shots! I really don't know snap a picture so that it looks awesome!